Roflex Glass Garage Doors | Residential garage doors, Rolflex Glass Garage Doors located in Burnaby, BC
Rolflex Glass Garage Doors , Unprecedented Luxury glass doors for your home or business.
Residential garage doors, garage, garage doors, Rolflex Glass Garage Doors, Burnaby, BC
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The biggest opening in your home is usually the garage door. You spend millions on the build of your home and then your contractor finishes off your garage with a door that just doesn’t fit or meet the feel of the home you have spent all this time to create.


Well there is finally a solution to this problem, and that is the expertise of Rolflex. We have a door that will meet all your style and function needs. What no one else thinks exists we at Rolflex have.


We are the only company in North America to offer the first ever glass garage door that rolls up into an aesthetically pleasing box located at the front of your garage. No more over-head tracks or motors in the garage. Now you can have a polished, finished looking garage.


The open ceiling gives you additional space for a car lift or more storage.
Call us today to find out more about this revolutionary new garage door.