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Rolflex Glass Garage Doors , Unprecedented Luxury glass doors for your home or business.
Commercial garage doors, garage, garage doors, Rolflex Glass Garage Doors, Burnaby, BC
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Whether it’s a car dealership or a small coffee shop, our glass roll up garage door is the perfect fit for your business. With no overhead tracks or motor you eliminate all the hardware that is attached to the ceiling with a traditional garage door. By eliminating the tracks and motor off the ceiling you create a much cleaner looking space. For auto shops that additional space allows for car lifts and car stackers to be utilized to their full lift heights.


Our commercial doors and motors are backed by a lifetime warranty and unlimited service call outs. If the door doesn’t work right simply call us and we will send out a service rep to make it right.


This is your smartest choice in commercial glass garage door solutions.
If you have an unusual open size or an unusual door need give us a call and we will help you solve it with our network of specialized door manufacturers around the world.